Women stories creative

On Human Rights Day, we want to take a moment to pay homage to three inspiring stories of our women customers who are held in high regard for upholding the principles of Equality, Freedom and Justice. These are their stories. 

Equality Manifested By A Career Choice 

Since 2019, Pinky has been running her fitness center gym in Dharuheda, Bhiwadi. Initially, she received a loan of INR 30,000 from ARTH for her gym, which enabled her to purchase basic equipment such as dumbbells and weightlifting gear. Her gym started doing well, but during the COVID pandemic, her business came to a complete halt. However, Pinky did not lose hope. After the lockdown, she refocused on her business with renewed determination.

Gradually, she repaid the loan and took another loan of Rs 50,000 from ARTH. With this loan, she purchased additional fitness machines for her gym and expanded her business. Pinky is incredibly strong and hardworking. She did not give up on her courage and today, she stands on her own feet, successfully running her fitness center.

Pinky’s story reflects an unconventional career choice she made as a woman since society does not expect women to be business owners of gymnasiums, a role which is traditionally assigned to men. 

Pinky is the symbol of Equality. 

Freedom Of Choice To Own A Venture 

Ganga Devi belongs to the village of Pragati Puram in Raeberalli, Uttar Pradesh. She has been associated with ARTH since 2017, when she wanted to set up a tiffin service business in her area. To do the same she availed a credit facility of INR 20,000. Currently Ganga Devi has been refinanced for the third time with a small loan amount of INR 40,000.

However, due to the lockdown, her business completely faltered. It is then, when Ganga Devi decided to support her family for their daily needs by partnering with ARTH in the production of masks and hygiene kits.

Being a woman, Ganga Devi was always subjected to gendered roles that were assigned since her childhood. Her story about becoming an entrepreneur and also being a support system for the country during COVID-19 symbolises her freedom of choice to follow her dream. She is a testament of Freedom to millions of women in India. 

Justice To Womanhood 

Manju is a resilient single parent, a woman of great strength and kindness. She has two children, a daughter, and a son, and resides in Naka Hanuman Gadi in Ayodhya. After the unfortunate demise of her husband eight years ago, the responsibility of managing the household and caring for the children fell squarely on her shoulders. Being a widow, she had to face several hurdles since widowhood often leads to a loss of will to live or continue. 

In her quest to secure a better future for her family, Manju realised the need for financial support to start her own business. It was then that she heard about Arth, an Inclusive MSME Fintech that provides loans to businesses. With determination, she took a loan and established a thriving tailoring shop. Using the funds wisely, Manju purchased a stitching and interlock machine with a loan of INR 30,000, significantly boosting her business.

As a result of her hard work, Manju’s income soared to new heights. Her success story doesn’t end there. Manju has availed the benefit of the widow pension scheme through the assistance provided by Arth Foundation. Under this program, she receives a monthly pension that serves as additional income to support her household expenses. 

Manju’s story is a testament of Justice to widowhood in India.