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As a forward-looking fintech built on the back of innovation and technology for good, we are always focused on exploring new ways to help small businesses succeed.

Being a workplace that is replete with young minds, we always encourage our team members to come up with new ideas, especially the ones catering to the needs of aspirational women.

This time, it all started with an afternoon tea-time conversation on what else we can do as a brand to encourage women to start their own ventures or improve their financial knowledge.

This stimulating discussion led by our exuberant tech team gave us the idea for our next hackathon conducted last month.

The two conceptual ideas rolled out by our team can certainly help women become more literate financially, feel empowered, and further support other women, unleashing a positive domino effect in society.

The Need To Build A Community Of Women Aspirants

Team Genesys: Shalini, Abhishek, Rohit, Madhav and Ishita
Team Genesys: Shalini, Abhishek, Rohit, Madhav and Ishita

Our first team christened themselves as Team Genesys.

Realising that there’s a massive information gap about financial literacy that women face, which has stymied their professional growth, they came up with an idea to build an online closed-group community of women who can interact with each other and get exposed to verified information that can enhance their financial literacy. Such an online community will yield space for discussions and create a support system for all participants.

A social media platform where content remains the central tenet, will help such participants consume rich information on how they could start their own business, and teach them about the basics of managing expenses to save for their business aspirations, among other useful information.

FemFinance, a social media community for women and by women.

An App To Bolster Gig Workers

Team Nightwatchers: Nishant, Sopna, Deepak, Suraj and Satendra

The second team named Nightwatchers chanced upon a problem statement that is quite relatable to almost everyone who lives in a metropolitan city and faces hassles when searching for a house help.

Gig workers at large, especially women, face several challenges in accessing responsible finance given that they have irregular income streams, poor documentation, and lack of credit history that would allow them to seek loans from traditional financial institutions, including banks.

Our team came up with the concept of a mobile application that serves as an emergency loan platform targeting house owners who can onboard their domestic helpers on the platform and help them seek financial assistance.

A dashboard view of the impact a typical user can generate by onboarding domestic helpers.

As a team, we strongly believe in yielding enough mind space for our team members to lean on creative thinking and brainstorming beyond the usual office hours. Such collaborative efforts usually become the genesis of ideas that can certainly yield business results and in parallel also solve rich consumer problems. And in the case of our tech team who led these two ideas, they were rewarded with cash prizes and a lot of love from all of us.

Stay tuned for our next hackathon happening soon.