A Meaningful Journey With Arth

Arth Employee

The purpose of an organization is the fundamental driver for its existence and growth. At Arth, we focus on making Micro Financial Services accessible to marginalized populations, especially women of our community. This purpose-driven approach of Arth, which aligns with my core values is what motivated me to join Arth.

While I joined Arth as Lead-Partnerships last year, my journey with Arth started long before that. While pursuing my MBA from NMIMS-Mumbai, I got an opportunity to work with Arth, in understanding the credit profiles of Mentha farmers. It made me realize the untapped potential of micro-entrepreneurs in rural India and how this is primarily being driven by aspiring women micro-entrepreneurs.

However, challenges such as lack of access to capital and lack of credit profiles still stymie their growth. Coming from western Rajasthan, where the lack of opportunities for women is a ubiquitous issue, I was cognizant of the importance of access to capital and its potential to create exponential impact at a societal level.

The financial landscape of India is on the cusp of a major change and fintech firms like Arth which are working towards financial inclusion and access to capital at the grassroots level, will be at the forefront of this change.

As a part of my work with Arth, I have been able to work on multiple projects with both government and private organizations. This has given me a holistic view of how government and private organizations can work together to achieve common organizational goals to maximize impact in a mutually beneficial setup. The learning doesn’t stop here!

At Arth, recognition of work is swift, and a plethora of opportunities are provided to take on new challenges and responsibilities.

In just one year of my stint at Arth, I have been provided with a variety of opportunities, to lead multiple verticals including Partnerships, the Hyper-Local Partnerships (HLP) program and the Insurance division.

Further, working with industry stalwarts who always have unique ideas to solve complex problems has helped me develop an in-depth understanding of the industry and grow professionally!